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The October 2013 Jackson Press

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Lots of things happening, in the world and within the family.
Did you notice our federal government is squabbling like a bunch of toddlers, to the point of shutting down?
Did you hear Herman Wallace, one of the Angola 3, was finally released from solitary confinement after 40 years?  Of course, he died a couple days later.
I also heard they finally have proof that Bigfoot exists!
All in all, things are happening.

In Reunion 2014 news, we are currently negotiating with the Embassy Suites to give us what we want so we can confirm them as our hotel location.  We will need a $500 deposit to confirm the room rates and meeting space.  

We are also trying to finalize the park we want to use for Saturday’s picnic.  Our preferred option has lots of activities available, but is a bit pricey so we are working the numbers to see if it is feasible.  However, our second option is a beautiful one, and a wonderful venue for our family get-together!

One thing I wanted family feedback on was about preferences:  what would you like to do while in Dallas?  See the Grassy Knoll or visit a museum?  Spades tournament or Bid Whist?  Nightclub  or amusement park?  Let us know and we’ll see what we can put together.

On that note, I am starting a bit of family trivia!  There are no wrong answers…now!  Later on, your answers will become extremely important.  We’ll be giving away a $50.00 cash prize at the reunion for the most popular answer. 

So whaddaya say?  Send me your emails this month with your answers.  Each and every one will be tabulated and saved.

Which family member’s Great-Great Grandfather fought in the Mexican-American War?


Wilson Jackson Matriarch



Born - Febuary 22, 1912                         

Died - March 15, 1964

The Matriarch of the Jackson Family!  Pinkie was the child of Chloria (Cora) Smith and Robert Wilson.  She married Collie Jackson in 1924.  In December 22, 1924, she gave birth to her first child, Herbert Ceciel.  Which was the beginning of the Jackson Family, giving birth to:  Collie Jr, George F, Lenora Laverne, Walter Leon, Gloria, Edward, Charles and Clarence.

Pinkie will be gone 50 years as we prepare for the Family Reunion in Dallas, Texas.  She is buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Marlin, Texas, plot no. 771, without a headstone!  That is now my passion, to put a headstone on Pinkie's grave.  That may not be important to some people, but it is to me!  The reason is my Father, Herbert Ceciel, the first child.  He loved his mother and she loved him!  The only time Pinkie left Texas was to travel to California to see him in 1957 after he almost died.

When he left Texas to join the Navy, he had to trick Aunt Bee, her sister, to sign the papers.  For the next 10 years he made sure an allotment from the Navy was sent to his mother in Texas.  When she passed in 1964, he was there, he wanted to put a headstone there, but did not have the Money!  I plan on fulfilling his wishes prior to the next reunion.  I'm going to "Pay it Forward and Backwards".

I received most of this information from, Milton and Mary Jean Goodin, Marlin, Dorothy and Annie Mae Wilson and of course from Geraldine M. Jackson.  I appreciate and thank them for their assistance in telling me about my Father and Grandmother.  If you knew her or have any stories about her, please share them with me and the family!  I know she loved her Church, was a devout and serious woman.  She was president of the choir and a Sunday school teacher.  She served as secretary of the church for over 35 years.

When I look at her picture, I see the saddest eyes from a beautiful woman!

I only have one story about her that I will share now.  I was about 3 or 4, Daddy had brought his kids to Marlin to visit his mother. At the breakfast table one morning, I was pretty hungry, I eat everything on the plate and wanted more and started hollering.  Pinkie told me to be quiet, so I pick up the plate and threw it against the wall!  The plate broke, and Pinkie made sure my butt kept it company!  That was my first wupping, I never threw another plate.

Let's remember Pinkie, she deserves the recognition.  




1940 Census
Pinkie is on Line 13


Renee and Connie

Here's some good news from Ohio!! 
  In support of the American Heart Association, the Cleveland Family (Hilliard, Strong, Howard) walked with hundreds of supporters in the 2013 Cleveland Heart Walk. The Walk was held in downtown Cleveland at the Voinovich Park. There were one and three mile routes with Hydration Stations (water stops) along the way.  The walk is sponsored nationally by SUBWAY restaurants and JENNY CRAIG.  It is sponsored locally by the Cleveland Clinic and PHILIPS is the Signature Sponsor.  From 8:00 a.m. until the time of the walk at 10:00 a.m, there were many activities and events schedule such as: Healthy Breakfast Club, Awards Ceremony, vendor handouts, jazzercise warm up, Survivors Area, Go Red for Women tent, educational tents, healthy snacks, Kids Zone Activity, Photo Tent and Canine Corner for people walking with their dogs.   Since so many people have been impacted by cardiovascular disease and stroke, we like to remind everybody to take good care of your heart!



The family of Savannah Pearson wish to acknowledge your many expressions of kindness and concerns shown at the lost of our sister September 22, 2013. From Johnnie Hilliard and Connie Hilliard Strong (Sanders Family)

Savannah H. Pearson
Dec. 1, 1951 - Sept. 22, 2013

Please know that we are all sending our prayers of love and sympathy to our Sanders family members to comfort them during this time of loss.



Ka'Majae Ary ~ October 2nd
Reginald Sanders II - October 6th
Ruben Sanders - October 7th
Walter Jackson - October 7th ~ RIP
Gladys Smith - October 8th ~ RIP
Herb Jackson III - October 14th
Annie Mae Mclemore - October 15th ~ RIP
Margaret Dodderer - October 16th



Posted by Joel Osteen on 10/4/2013

When you consider your dreams and goals, do you ever think they look too big or too impossible? When we think limiting thoughts, it's like building a box around our dreams. Doubt and unbelief limit what God can do in your life. That's why it's so important to meditate on the fact that we serve the God of the breakthrough! Like a flood, in an instant His favor can overtake you and change things. In an instant, He can open the right door. In an instant, He can cause someone to pay a debt. In an instant, you can be healed.

Don't accept things in your life that are far less than God's best. Be breakthrough-minded. No matter what's happened in your past, this is a new day. New seeds have taken root in your heart. I believe the God of the breakthrough is about to visit your house, not with a trickle of favor, not with a stream of blessing. No, get ready for a flood of God's favor, a tidal wave of His goodness.

Today I encourage you to release your faith in a greater way. If you don't pray for that break through, it won't happen. Dare to believe. He wants to give you something to talk about. He wants to give you some new landmarks so that in the future, you can look back and say, "I know that was the God of the breakthrough!"

Isaiah said: "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me to announce a day when the free favor of God profusely abounds." Notice the word he used to describe God's favor, profusely. That means "overwhelming, out of the norm, exceeding."

Like Isaiah, I've announced that a flood of God's power is coming—favor like you've never seen before. Instead of being overwhelmed by burdens, you will be overwhelmed by God's blessings. But the real question is this: can you receive this into your spirit?


Quick Shoutouts!!!!
Thanks to Connie for telling us what's happening in Ohio!
Hey Teri!  I will make sure you get the 2nd copy!  (Grandma gets the first lol)
Speaking of Geraldine, she moved everyone!  Send her a letter or go visit!
40 Park City Court #10101
Sacramento, CA 95831
Shoutout to Jocelyn Joy, the newest (and cutest) Gerber Baby-To-Be!!!
Big Thanks to Cousin Candice, the coolest engineer I know.  I owe you lunch and Tweet some Cuervo.  I suspect we'll have lunch before Cuervo LOL.
Love You Guys!

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