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The October 2013 Jackson Press

College Bound!

College Bound
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Ahh, smell that?  That's the minds of young children burning rubber!  Yep, school has started again!  And parents everywhere breathe a sigh of relief. LOL  If you have one going into college this year or next, then this is the page for you.

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16 Washington Mews  New York, NY 10003
(212) 998-4667

Admission Statistics:

96% of admitted students are in the top quarter of their class in high school.

Most admitted students score between 650 and 750 on the Math portion of the SAT.

Most admitted students score between 630 and 730 on the Critical Reading portion of the SAT.

Most admitted students score between 660 and 750 in the Writing portion of the SAT.

Most admitted students who took the ACT scored between 29 and 31 on the test, with writing.

For admission to NYU, all first year and transfer applicants must complete the Common Application and the NYU Supplement to the Common Application. Students applying for the second Bachelor's degree in Nursing should follow the instructions here. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply online.

As you begin your online application, please note that a receipt from the Common Application showing successful submission of your application fee and/or your NYU Supplement does not mean that your Common Application has been submitted. Both your Common Application and your NYU Supplement (as well as your application fee or fee waiver request) must be successfully submitted together in advance of the application deadline for you to be eligible for admission. It is your responsibility, as the applicant, to ensure that both your Common Application and NYU Supplement are submitted online successfully.

If you do not have easy or reliable access to the internet:

  • The paper version of the Common Application can be found here.
  • You may download a paper copy of the NYU Supplement here.

Application Fee

Applicants to NYU are expected to pay a non-refundable application fee or request a fee waiver.

Academic Year 2012-2013

Faculty of Arts and Science (Undergraduate)
Full time students, tuition, 12 to 18 units flat rate, per term $20,439.00
     Nonreturnable registration and services fee for flat rate, per term $1,163.00
Additional tuition, 19 or more units per term, per unit
(includes a nonreturnable registration and services fee of $63.00)
Tuition, per unit $1,204.00
Nonreturnable registration and services fee:
     First unit Fall Term 2012 $434.00
     First unit Spring Term 2013 $452.00
Nonreturnable registration and services fee, per unit, for registration after first unit




University-Wide Scholarship Programs

Below are the most generous scholarships we offer at NYU. To maximize your consideration for these scholarships, we would recommend that you complete your Common Application, NYU Supplement, Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the College Board's CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE. You must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident to be eligible for these scholarships.

AnBryce Scholarships

Through the generosity of the AnBryce Foundation, this scholarship is awarded each year to a small number of academically-motivated students who demonstrate financial need and who are the first generation in their family to attend college. The award will cover up to the cost of tuition and is renewable over four years of undergraduate study at NYU. These Scholars will participate in a rich combination of orientation and mentoring programs, as well as educational and cultural activities. Students are expected to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 each year and to participate actively in program activities. There is no application to be considered for this scholarship.  Applicants are automatically considered through their admission application materials.

Arch Scholarships

This University scholarship is awarded each year to students who demonstrate financial need and who are committed to having a positive impact on the world. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions has partnered with the Wasserman Center for Career Development to create a career development and internship program for these Scholars, which at the onset of the freshman year, will introduce scholars to career options and help them to develop career potential and marketable professional skills. The award will help to meet full need and is renewable over four years of undergraduate study at NYU. There is no application to be considered for this scholarship. Applicants are automatically considered through their admission application materials.

Lewis Rudin City Scholarships

Rudin Scholars are outstanding entering freshmen selected from public and parochial high schools in all five boroughs of New York City. In addition to their scholarship, the scholars participate in academic and cultural activities in New York City. The program is named in honor of the late real estate developer Lewis Rudin, former president of the Association for a Better New York and NYU alumnus and trustee. There is no application to be considered for this scholarship. Applicants are automatically considered through their admission application materials.

Martin Luther King, Jr., Scholarships

Since its inception in 1987, the Martin Luther King, Jr., Scholars Program has awarded over 400 need-based and merit scholarships to incoming freshmen at NYU. These students present records of outstanding academic achievement, leadership, and commitment to the principles of community service, humanitarianism, and social progress.

MLK Scholars help to plan and participate in academic and cultural events that draw on the vast resources of New York University and New York City. They explore cultural diversity through domestic and international travel and take the lead in helping others through community service. There is no application to be considered for this scholarship. Applicants are automatically considered through their admission application materials.

Paths to Peace Scholarships

The Paths to Peace program brings sixteen students of different faiths and backgrounds from Israel and Palestine (West Bank and Gaza) to study together for one semester at New York University, located in the center of New York City. The program is dedicated to training future leaders, endowing them with the skills and experience to advance reconciliation and coexistence for future generations.  The academic objective of Paths to Peace is to focus on the historical, political, cultural, and religious relationships between Israelis and Palestinians. All students in the program will be required to take at least two mandatory courses, together with NYU students, on Middle Eastern Politics, and Modern Israel. They will also participate in two weekly workshops to be held on two separate days and to be conducted by experienced Palestinian and Israeli facilitators. Workshop participants will engage in an in-depth process of exploration, observation and analysis of the conflict and will have the opportunity to gain important insights into their identities as well as the dynamics of groups in conflict.  Successful applicants will receive a scholarship to cover tuition, room and board, health insurance, books, travel, and a living stipend for the academic semester. You must complete a separate application to be considered for this scholarship. Click here for more information and the application.

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to outstanding community college transfer students who are members of Phi Theta Kappa, the national honor society for two-year colleges. Transfer students from all colleges who are members of Phi Theta Kappa and have participated in the Phi Theta Kappa programs are eligible for consideration.

Outside Scholarships That Can Be Used at NYU

In addition to NYU scholarships, you may be eligible for a scholarship or grant from an outside agency or organization. NYU would then reduce the amount of any loan you were initially allocated, and allow you to apply your outside scholarship or grant to your cost of attending NYU.

You should aggressively pursue these options through your or your parents' employers, unions, professional organizations, and community and special interest groups. There are also a number of free scholarship search services available, many of which are featured under "Scholarship Search Services" on the NYU Office of Financial Aid website. These resources are created and maintained by outside organizations, and the scholarships listed are not endorsed or verified by NYU. We recommend, however, that you do not pay for any scholarship search service.


If your prospective college isn't listed, try a general internet search for information.  Or email us with specific questions.  We'd be glad to highlight your college or university of choice!

Financial Aid Information
This is the most important step you can take when thinking about going to college.  First, fill out the main form, currently called FAFSA: Free Application For Student Aid.  This form takes into account your parent's income and determines how much federal aid you are eligible for.  You must fill out this form to be considered for further federal aid, such as work study programs or loans.  Once processed, this application will create a SAR: Student Aid Report form that will be mailed to you and to your prospective schools listed on the FAFSA form.  It will determine whether you're eligible for a Pell Grant, free money given by the government that doesn't have to be paid back.  For the 2004-2005 school year, the award was $4,050.00--$2,025.00 per semester.  However, I've heard that this president recently cut the amount of Pell Grant awards, so check with a guidance counselor or the Financial Aid department at your future college to be sure.

Next, for those of you ineligible for Pell Grants or need more than the Pell Grant awards there is The Stafford Loan.  This is the main loan for undergraduate students from the government.  The award is usually $2,625.00 for the first two years of undergrad study, and $5,250.00 for the last two years.  But please check the website, because I haven't been to school in many a year!

If you have fallen in love with a school with tuition over $10,000 a year as I did, you will need more than all those things together!  This is when you hope against hope you can talk your parents into taking out a PLUS Loan for you.  This is the same as the Stafford Loan, except the parents are responsible for paying it back, rather than the student.  This loan maxes out at $5,875.00 per year and must be submitted by the student's parent.
If after all this, you suspect you are still tuition-deficient, try the College Bound website, which lists hundreds of scholarships and grants available every year.  Or try these links:


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The Ivy League Colleges ~ Prestigious East Coast Colleges ~ Grant & Scholarship Information

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