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The Jackson Press

Welcome To The Jackson Press

~Publishing Premiere Black
Our publishing company is dedicated to providing a voice to the traditionally disenfranchised, by searching for hidden talents and providing often unseen opportunities.  The Jackson Press uses a sincere and honest business approach by always being straighforward with business partners.  This policy goes a long way to establishing a presence in the community, which is important for any business.  While providing these services, we include family members in the daily running of the company, bringing families closer while working toward a common goal. 
If you have a dream you'd like to see in print, contact us!

Upcoming Publications:
The first highly anticipated work is the history of the McLemore side of the Jackson family entitled, "An American Family Saga." 

Another family author, Herbert C. Jackson II is telling the story of Jackson patriarch Collie Jackson. This is the companion text to the first family history book.  The second edition is authored by Herbert C. Jackson II and features the tale of the Jacksons by way of Grandpa Collie. 


The Press also has a collection of poems and short stories by Black authors getting ready for publication.  The anthology will feature several new writers including Tatisha Jackson, and will focus on the unique voices that have been forged by life's experiences.  We are still accepting submissions for this compilation; send an email for official query.

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Website of President and Author Tatisha Jackson
Website of Herb Jackson III Clothing Line
Wanda Jackson's Premiere Clothing Boutique
Social Commentary Blog by Tish

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You can e-mail us at:

The Jackson Press
14350 Dallas Pkwy North #2128.
Dallas, TX  75254


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